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Waggintails Ranch

Breeder of Designer Puppies Focusing on Healthy, Hypoallergenic Coats

Breeder of Designer Puppies Focusing on Healthy, Hypoallergenic Coats

Breeder of Designer Puppies Focusing on Healthy, Hypoallergenic CoatsBreeder of Designer Puppies Focusing on Healthy, Hypoallergenic CoatsBreeder of Designer Puppies Focusing on Healthy, Hypoallergenic Coats

We love our happy customers for loving our happy puppies!

Arlene & Sara


Arlene Barkley (she is on my left) bought a puppy from us 14 years ago and named her "Sally", but not after me. It was after her favorite doll. I delivered her new baby Morkie/Chi named "Stella" (pictured above) to California, which is where we started Waggintails Ranch back in 1992.

Sara Burbach (on my right) bought a 

Shih Tzu/Japanese Chin puppy from us 8 years ago and was ready to add to her family. She's holding "Daisy" above...her new Maltese/Toy Aussie puppy!



Gary and a very happy Maltese/Toy Aussie named Lei having cuddle time together!

Modeling Malshi


This is on of our Maltese/Shih Tzu pups at adulthood, modeling her new outfits. 

Thanks Belinda! She is a cutie for sure!






Daddy & the new "Little Champ" aka "DUSTY".

What a happy, handsome pair!! 😄 Thats LOVE!

Make sure you check the Available Puppies page to see if your new family member as arrived!

Happy Birthday, Katelyn!

We hope we we helped to make this the best birthday ever!

We have litters all the time so if you don't see the puppy of your 

dreams today, bookmark the page and check back often!


What a ham!


Marta lives in Castle Rock, Colorado and is posing under her own portrait. 

Gotta love her!

Singing Our Praises!


These girls are so happy to be in their Loving home with Mary Anne they are singing to the whole world...not just Castle Rock, CO!

Chewy & Casey


These girls are Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix. They love their new home and get stroller rides. Thanks Donna and Jerry Robinson!

Diesels can come in small packages.


This is Diesel, a 5 month old Morkie after this first haircut.  

He weighs 5 lbs in this picture.  What a sweetie!


This is one well traveled Lady!

Lady is a Maltese/Toy Aussie.  She was adopted at 4 months old by a family from Farmington, NM and as you can see, she fit into their family like a glove! She even got to go a long for the family trip to Vegas!

Morkie Christmas!

Dexter, aka Phoenix, lives in Kentucky and got to star on the family's Christmas card!

FUN FACT: According to the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, purebreds were more likely to develop 10 genetic disorders when compared to mixed breeds. Their study was conducted on a pool of 90,000 dogs, both mutts and purebreds.


And now for a collective, "Awwww!"

Erin, her Morkie...


...and the Morkie's fuzzy pink bed!


6 puppies from us and counting!

This is a 2 year old Morkie adopted by Megan Kuebler. Yes, it's true...her family has adopted 6 pups from us and are very happy with all of them.

We have many repeat customers due to the health and temperament of our puppies and we thank all of you!  

Whistlin' "Mama!"


 This is Whistle with his mom. He loves her so much he has learned to say "Mama"! This is one very happy pair, both with beautiful eyes!!!!

Makenzi & Annie


Annie is a service dog.  She's a Morkie/Daschund.

Maltese/Toy Aussie


Katelyn's new addition. She wrote to us...

"Thank you for this sweet girl!  We absolutely love her!"

6 month old Pom Pup


Look at that gorgeous coat!

Thanks for the picture, Lisa!



Kerri Cox is happy with her Maltese/Toy Aussie, Ozzy.  In 4 days, he is almost completely housebroken and gets a long great with her old dog. He's now 9 months old and 17 lbs. He was wearing his boating life jacket for this pic.

Tazz has pizazz!


Tazz is a Toy Dachshund/Morkie mix.

Thanks for the pictures, Marcia!

Hey wait!  This puppy's fur matching his new owner's hair!

This is a Maltese/Toy Aussie mix who the family named Heath.

FUN FACT: Mixed breeds may be healthier. 

There’s a long-standing debate among veterinarians and researchers about this. But the theory goes like this: more gene diversity means they’re less likely to develop hereditary disorders.


Wynona in the car...Does that make her a Wynona rider?

We called her Wynona when she was with us, but her new family calls this adorable Maltese/Toy Aussie "Mila".  She wasn't with him more than a few days when her mom wrote to say she can already play fetch (and even brings it back) and is asking to go outside to potty.  

By the way, Wyn...er, um...Mila's sister Willow is still available on our Available Puppies page!

FUN FACT: A mixed breed dog may be smarter.  

That’s right, mixed dogs are more intelligent, at least according to this scientific study by Aberdeen University. The researchers of the University tested 100 dogs with seven intelligence and psychology tests. These research trials consisted of intricate mazes, spatial awareness tests and problem solving tasks.

The result? Mixed dog breeds performed better on these tests. In fact, they performed much better than their purebred counterparts.


Sinatra ain't got nothin' on these blue eyes!

Introducing Cinco de Puppo

This gorgeous little Maltese/Toy Aussie arrived 5/5/2019 (he's Mila and Heath's brother) and while we called him Mathew, his new mama (who, by the way, is also My Website Girl) named him Cinco!  

She drove 3 hours from Mesa to pick him up and we spent a lovely day together. On the ride home (his first time ever in a car) he never made a peep.  She brought a soft sided carrier and he laid in it with the zippered door wide open, never once trying to get out. It was a long, winding, hilly drive to his new home but he was a perfect passenger. He had an older "Brother" named Johnny Cash waiting for him to come and disrupt the pecking order.  😊  

Beth sent an email the next day that read...

"I am so in love with him! I left him in the carrier to sleep, but I put it right up by my pillow so that he knew he wasn’t alone.  He woke me up whining at about 1 am and I took him out.  He did his thing and we went back to bed.  He let me sleep until 4.  He’s much perkier when outside than when in the house.  He wants Johnny Cash to play with him so badly he can barely stand it.  Cash isn’t having it yet.  LOL  So Cinco just stands and tells him off. ‘Yap, yap, yappity, yap yap!' I am sure they will eventually become the best of pals when Cash stops pouting."